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So, why Dice Control?

  • Dice Control offers a way of tossing casino dice in a way that skews the set mathematical odds,
    giving you an edge
  • Dice Control, along with dice setting, can result in the dice rolling longer - offering more wins
  • Craps is just a heck of a lot more fun with Dice Control
  • Dice control can potentially stop your significant other from nagging you on your losses (no promises) 5

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Dice Control Dice Sets

dice setting
Dice Setting: Hardway Set
OK, so you've heard about Dice Control or Dice Influence all over the place.
Maybe you've seen a shooter arrange the dice and strangely toss the dice,
and made it look like the casino dice were void of 7's; as if they were loaded dice.
Or, maybe you heard about dice control somewhere online or TV.
GTC, PARR, Dice Coach? (Hey Beau! - cool friend, cool dude)

Unfortunately, when those shooters aren't around - you continue to lose.
Sure, you'll have some lucky streaks - but, overall, you notice your bankroll slowly diminishing.
However, you know this dice game can be beat - you've seen it!

Craps Dice Control and Controlled Shooting: Craps 101

Maybe you paid for expensive seminars, endless books, and dice control videos on
casino craps, how to set dice, and toss the dice with dice control.
You may have run across Golden Touch dice control with Dominator and Frank Scoblete
or the PARR dice control method with Chris Pawlicki/Jerry Patterson and heard dice control was the way to go.
But after practicing dice control religiously, and maybe getting your dice to look good - you still see no breakthroughs.
Your patience (and your wallet) is wearing thin since you still haven't been able to
make back that investment - let alone your losses.

The reason you're not winning at craps the way you envisioned is because controlled shooting and
the way you set dice is only part of the whole picture.
There's a few moving pieces and learning how to win at craps requires you know each one - otherwise you'll lose money.

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Don't try to beat roulette or other casino games
The best roulette strategy or roulette secrets
fails miserably against handling craps dice

roulette strategy
Roulette Strategy: Failing
Anyone who likes to play craps, knows there's no game in the casino
offering that much heart-pounding excitement!
The dice, and fate, is in our hands when we get to choose the dice rolling method.
Even if we play blackjack with some blackjack card counting techniques - it's just not craps.

Why Dice Control isn't enough to beat the casinos

How to shoot craps isn't as important as knowing all the unknown rules craps has to offer.
And you'll be closer to winning at craps more consistently when you know these connections between
craps control, betting control, mindset, and environmental control.
Grasp the whole picture, and it's like a well-oiled machine where every gear does its part.

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Poker players discovered long ago how to win:
You don't play the cards - you play the players

Play craps against the casinos' house edge and according to their dice game rules, and you'll lose money over time.
If you play online casinos - you know this too well.

Craps and dice control is about playing the environment to your advantaged play.
Your bankroll easily grows over time the more play as an advantage player.
There's no reason to lose money anymore if you know a few key factors.
Proven techniques and a few tricks the casinos don't recognize is all you need to feel a surge of unbeatable power.

Picture how you feel when walking up to the craps table

I think you're realizing now that craps can be easily beaten.
And you probably understand that there's more than meets the eye - even with Dice Control.

It starts with dice control and changing probability

Combining accurate dice rolling with other strategies is like an orchestra playing in perfect sync.

Dice Control, along with other factors, truly blows away blackjack probability
The best blackjack strategies and blackjack betting doesn't even come close.
All it takes is perfectly structured training, proper practice, and the will to win at craps.

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Do I give Dice Control lessons?

The short answer is sometimes

I always receive emails from people begging me to teach them Dice Control.
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Good Luck with your craps game, and I hope this site and newsletter helps you in your dice control studies.

- Dennis AKA - Master Setter

This is for educational purposes only. Not all dice control students will go on to win craps
consistently just as all golf students don’t become Tiger Woods (or even want to be).
I offer info that may or may not help others win through training and computer analysis.
I make no claim that everyone will have profitable results.
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